Children's Mental Hospital Near Me - Why Would Any Adult Resort to Shooting themselves?

I've just read in the newspaper about a young lady who committed suicide after being given psychiatric care at a children's mental hospital near me. The irony of this situation cannot be understated. Two people, including the administrator of this children's hospital near me were under investigation for criminally negligent actions involving children that were in their custody at the time. Unfortunately, these two people have been found not guilty.

As if that were not bad enough, here is another example of an institutional malpractice situation that got out of hand and involved a child that should have been in protective custody. An abetment causing a child to commit suicide case was also recently handled by this same children's hospital near me. There were so many issues with the legal system that it is amazing anyone believes that the children were getting the best possible care when these incidents occurred. I wonder why there are people out there who will stand up in court to testify in your favor when you have hurt someone else?

Let's put it this way. If these doctors had kept quiet and allowed the children to remain in their children's hospital (which is what happened in this latter case), rather than turning over the case to the county prosecutor, the children would still have been in physical and mental pain for a long time before they died. You may say that the county prosecutor could have handled the case better, but if that is the only way he or she could have gotten the case to trial then how can you blame him or her for the tragic outcome that occurred?

In my next article, I will provide you with information that will help you understand how to commit suicide case when children are in your care. A child inpatient psychiatric care near me committed suicide two months ago because his psychiatrist could not understand the full extent of his emotional trauma and what he had gone through. What is worse, the child's family believes that he killed himself because they could no longer stand the mental abuse that goes on in the children's hospital. How can you minimize the impact that this has on the children?

What should you do if a child inpatient psychiatric care near you commit suicide? The first thing that you must do is to notify the child's parents that their child committed suicide. They must be notified twenty-four hours a day until such time as you can speak with the child yourself and determine what the underlying cause of the suicide was. If the doctors in the children's hospital think that what is going on in the child's life has nothing to do with the suicide, they must take the child out of the hospital to go to counseling with the psychiatrist that treated the child.

There may be some people who will say that if the child inpatient psychiatric care near me caused him or her to take their own life, then that is no reason to treat them any differently in the future. That may very well be true, however, how can you predict what could happen in the future in a child's mind and not know if you will still have a child in ten years? How can you get them counseling even if you don't believe that what they are doing has an effect on you? To me, it makes no sense to put children through more than they need to be treated.