Aerial silks are an amazing way to build body awareness and functional strength. There are a few reasons why training with aerial silks is a well-rounded way to train your body to become not only athletic but oriented properly.


Aerial silks help build strength


When using aerial silks, your upper body is trained to carry your own body weight. This is the epitome of athleticism, to manoeuvre your body intentionally and with speed, power, and endurance. Not only does it build strength in your upper body but also your hand and grip. This is very important because if your hands aren't strong, your arm strength won't be too useful. Lastly, training with aerial silks helps build strength in the core. Core and abdominal strength are pivotal when considering overall body shape and athleticism. Your core is the muscle that connects the upper body and lower body. Therefore, it's very important for balance and stability in all types of athletic activities. If your core is really lacking and keeping you back from doing certain moves, you may want to try some regular core exercises to build up strength first. I recommend circus or gymnastics core exercises as they emphasize control, not aesthetics. Check out Unicycle abs for a great core workout.


Ariel silks build flexibility


One great thing about Ariel silk is that it's a great way to stretch your body. Many of the moves in aerial silk training push your limbs to stretch to their limits. Not only that but you're forced to do it in a functional way that involves using the muscles you are stretching actively. This back and forth of stretching and holding static positions is very good for stretching and strengthening tendons and will make your overall athleticism top tier.


Ariel silks build body awareness


The best thing about training Acrobatics is that a build's body awareness. This means that you know where all parts of your body are at all times. This is a skill that you see usually in top-level athletes like circus, performers and gymnasts. Where form is king over strength. When you have great balance and coordination in your body, you build proprioception which is pivotal for bodyweight movements to look smooth. Ariel silks help to do this by contorting your body in so many ways that you're always trying to find your centre of balance. This ever-changing centre of balance helps train that part of your brain-body connection as you're constantly trying to find it.


Training on aerial silks transfers directly to skills like gymnastics, parkour, and callisthenics. You will naturally have an advantage at these disciplines by being good at aerial silk manoeuvres. If you're looking for area silks to train on in the comfort of your own home, the best place to get the highest quality aerial silks is


They have all sorts of colors, patterns and prints. Not only that, but you can customize the length of your silk from small to very very long. Sky Dancers Also sells dance poles, Lyra rings, Ariel hammocks, bungee fitness, and accessories like Ariel silk support frames for outdoor use.