Emergency Alert Systems Is Important For Home Safety

Emergency Alert Systems in Oregon is provided by Emergency Alert Services (EAS) and the National Emergency Response System (NERS). They have been operational for over 30 years, serving all of the states on the west coast. Some of the larger member companies also provide services to the Canadian and American public through NERS. Emergency Alert Systems are designed to provide twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week telephone response to emergency situations by local law enforcement and fire departments and other emergency services.

A number of circumstances may arise that make you feel compelled to take advantage of this service. Illness or accidents that leave you without your home may leave you vulnerable to intrusion and theft. A family crisis or other emergency such as a fire can leave you home and family without protection and contact information. A fire department arriving on the scene of a fire can give you the contact information that you need to reach family and provide help until emergency workers arrive. An intruder or burglar could arrive and find you and your family in the middle of the night without any means of communication and you would need an Emergency Response Service to get you and your family is taken care of.

When an emergency or an accident occurs, it is important to be able to reach out to those that are most important to you. The home is where the heart and soul of the modern family lives, and you will want to be able to reach there immediately. Emergency Alert Systems provides exceptional service in making that possible. You may have been trained to respond to emergencies at home, but you may not know where to go once you have fallen ill or are in an accident. The Emergency Response Service can provide assistance reaching the people that are most important to you and your family and that are most likely to be in the home.

The elderly may live alone and are away from their home much of the time. Many times an elderly relative may be alone and relying on the kindness and caring of those around them. You may reach the elderly through your extended family or through a care provider. The Emergency Response Service can be the one person that can offer assistance when you are away from home. Emergency response services to respond to emergencies that may occur anywhere within the duration of a 24 hour period.

An elderly relative may be having difficulty making it from their home to a nursing facility for additional medical care. An alert system can be the same that can be used to alert a nursing facility as well. There may be times when an elderly person is just not able to make it home from the comfort of their home and needs assistance. A trained Emergency Response Service can be the one person that can help make this happen for them. Whether the person is falling hurt or unable to walk, they can be placed into a medically enhanced care setting and sent home safely with the added advantage of the system that has been placed in their home.

The emergency alert system can also be used to contact a peace officer if there is a threat to one's home or property. When the systems work by detecting a panic or distress signal from inside the home or business, the individual will receive an automated message. If the person does not leave the home as quickly as anticipated, then the location of the emergency will be communicated to the Police by the Emergency Response Service. This is a major time saver as well as an added security measure.

Emergency response service personnel can communicate with homeowners to try and keep them aware of the situation while they are away from their home or have left the home. When people are able to access the Internet on their cell phones, they may find the Emergency Response Service notification sent through their cell phone to their email. This can be a very convenient and effective way to contact the Emergency Response Service when home or business is threatened by an intruder or a dangerous fire. Having an Emergency Response Service provider or pager send out this type of notifications is convenient, effective and safe for everyone..

Emergency alert systems are an excellent way to make sure that family members, business owners and all employees are aware of any situation that requires their immediate attention. No matter where a person is in the world, they can rest assured that the Emergency Alert System is always available to them. An Emergency Response Service provider can install these systems throughout a home or business and provide local authorities with the location of the residence or office in case of emergencies. This type of security system can be an invaluable asset, not only for emergencies but also for peace of mind and safety throughout the day for everyone who lives in the home. Being prepared with a home or business emergency response system is important for the peace of mind of everyone who lives there.