Are Teenage Mental Diseases and Disorders Related to Our Teenagers?

There is one common thread running through all the mental disorders and it is a vicious cycle. Mental illness as we all know is an ailment that starts from normal symptoms of being upset about something. It ends up with psychological conditions that make the person become totally unbalanced. Teenage Mental disease or disorder is also known as teenage depression, teen bipolar disorder, teen anxiety disorder, teen post-traumatic stress disorder and teen schizophrenia. Teenage Mental disease or disorder is a very common ailment for teenagers nowadays.

Teenage Anxiety disorder is very common in girls than in boys. The reason for this is because boys do not talk to their parents too much about the teenage mental disorder or any other illness. Teenage Anxiety disorder is basically a condition where a person starts worrying and becomes obsessed with certain things. This obsession makes the person completely unbalanced and they start displaying strange behavior such as breaking locks and smashing items. Teenage Anxiety disorder is very serious and it can really affect a person's life if the proper medication is not taken in time.

Teenage Alcohol or drug abuse is another type of teenage Mental disease or disorder where the person develops some sort of dependence on alcohol or drugs. Teenage Alcohol or drug abuse generally starts when the person is still in the early teens and he or she wants to get high like their friends. When they grow older, these people start realizing how much they are addicted to alcohol or drugs and they start trying to get rid of the addiction. There are a number of people who are willing to help such people who are suffering from Teenage Alcohol or drug abuse but it is very difficult for such people to admit to themselves that they need help.

Depression is yet another type of ailment that affects people in their early teenage years. Depression happens when a person is not happy with his/her physical, emotional or psychological condition and he or she starts to develop some sort of psychological disorder. Teenage Depression can be triggered by various different factors, but in most cases, the trigger comes from an unhappy relationship where the teenager has lost someone and starts feeling sad or rejected. Teenage Depression can really be harmful and can cause a lot of damage to the psyche of the teenager causing more problems than what has been diagnosed.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is also another type of teenage mental disease or disorder where a person exhibits several types of symptoms including inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. ADHD usually occurs in kids and can be diagnosed only when the child starts to exhibit some of the symptoms of ADHD. People with ADHD usually have trouble focusing on things when they do not pay special attention to things like certain colours or shapes and they are always easily distracted. In most cases, the symptoms of ADHD are manifested in kids where they constantly lose things that they are used to having on a daily basis or where they have to follow very detailed instructions.

A common cause for the development of teenage Depression is trauma experienced during childhood. When a teenager experiences some form of psychological or emotional trauma like abuse, neglect or unsettling family life, he or she might develop a dependency on food, drugs, alcohol or even sex. This causes the teenager to feel abnormal psychological responses and this leads to teenage Depression. When the body of the teenager is being threatened by various stimulants, the teenager might start using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. When the body of the teenager is being threatened by various chemicals, he might resort to taking legal substances to escape the pain.