Men and Women Anxiety

Men and women may both suffer from anxiety, but the issues are different. Men and women may both be afraid of flying, while one suffers from panic attacks while the other fears death. Men and women may both have the same fear - that they will die when they are flying. Men and women may both suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Men and women Anxiety is often misdiagnosed because the symptoms of anxiety are very similar to those of depression.

Men and women's anxiety may range from mild cases of fear or embarrassment, or they can be more severe and cause death or injury. Men and women experience anxiety all the time. Some people who suffer from anxiety can not tell if it is extreme or normal. Anxiety often affects family and friends. Sometimes, it takes weeks or months for the sufferer to realize that they are having anxiety and need treatment.

Men and women anxiety are similar to many other mental diseases. A person with a minor anxiety episode such as dizziness, stomach problems or sleep disorders may feel that it is only temporary and that they will get over it. When the person goes to their doctor, they are told that it is just a case of anxiety. People with more severe cases of anxiety go to the hospital thinking that they are suffering from a mental disease or having a heart attack. Men and women Anxiety can make a person commit suicide.

Men and women Anxiety is different from Social Anxiety. The two can be very similar and the two can occur at the same time. However, they are two separate disorders and each must be treated differently. Some people get over their social anxiety disorder quickly while others take months to overcome it. People with social anxiety can take courses of therapy and attend support groups in order to find out how to deal with their anxiety.

Men and women who suffer from Anxiety tend to seek treatment early before the disorder gets worse. The symptoms of Anxiety can cause social, professional and family problems. Men and women who have anxiety will generally try to avoid certain situations that may cause the onset of their anxiety.

Men and women who suffer from anxiety are not the same as those who do not suffer from Anxiety. Both men and women can experience intense fear and/or dread that prevent them from doing everyday activities like driving, attending church services, shopping or going to work. It is important for both men and women who suffer from this disorder to seek treatment as soon as possible, for the sooner they begin to deal with their symptoms, the easier it will become to get rid of them. Men and women who suffer from Anxiety can have the same type of problems as those who do not, but unlike those who do not, those who do suffer from this mental illness are more likely to go on and suffer from some form of anxiety or panic attack later in life.