iPhone8:  What Back Tap Does, The "Secret Button" Apple Added With Its New Software 

The spine of an iPhone 8

"Back Tap" turns the entire spine of the iPhone into a new button.
Do you have an iPhone 8 or newer model?
The spine of an iPhone 8

Did you already notice the "secret button" that adds functionality to the back of the device?
Do not worry if not, it is not visible and you have to configure it.

This is a new feature called "Back Tap" that Apple added when it released its iOS 14, the latest version of the software that operates its smartphones.

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What is Back Tap?

Back Tap translates to "Back Tap," a reverse tap that turns the entire spine of the iPhone into a new button and offers users new ways to interact with their device.

Simply tapping or tapping the spine of the phone once, twice or three times - depending on how it is configured - opens shortcuts to specific functions.

You can launch Siri, take screenshots of the screen, open the notification menu, send a preprogrammed text or lock the phone among more than twenty shortcuts that can be assigned.

You have to go to the "Settings" app, from there click on "Accessibility", go to "Touch" and then slide to "Touch Back".

Press "Double Tap" or "Triple Tap", depending on the action you want to configure.

Select the feature, order, or shortcut that you want to assign to the action. There is a list of shortcuts that opens. Press "Touch Back" at the top left to save it.

According to trade magazines, the tool works quite well considering that it has to distinguish between a voluntary back touch and an accidental hit that can be caused by holding the phone.

The spine of an iPhone 8

In case "Back Tap" doesn't work for you, it may be due to the protective case, which may be too thick to detect the touch.

According to tech news site Verge, the new button "blurs the line between hardware and software" allowing the user to "do just about anything you can imagine."