How to 7 easy tips lose facial fat and sharpen your face

Research carried out by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, determines that the largest cases of overweight are produced by low energy balance

Puffy cheeks, double chin? 

Generally, when looking to lose weight, people worry about getting a slim figure, however, they forget about facial fat that causes curious cheeks. If you don't know how to slim your face, keep reading and apply these tips.

An investigation carried out by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, determines that the greatest causes of overweight are produced by poor energy balance, that is, the energy consumed through food is not the same as the energy consumed spend with physical activity.

1. Less calories

how to lose face fat

Cases of losing facial fat accumulation on the cheeks are generally due to excessive consumption of desserts, sugary drinks and fried foods or foods with a lot of oil. For this reason, reduce the consumption of these and start eating vegetables, fruits and proteins.

2. Drink water

Staying hydrated benefits the release of toxins and fat, which allows you to maintain a slim figure, which will help reduce the size of the cheeks.

how to lose face fat

3. High fibre diet

how to lose face fat

When following a diet, it is essential to consume fibres, since they accelerate the metabolism and allow you to get rid of the fats that your body does not need, since they will only make you gain weight.

4. Exercise

how to lose face fat

Practising physical activities for at least 30 minutes a day will help you burn calories and consequently lose weight, this includes reducing fat on your face that will be favoured with slimmer cheeks.

5. Facial exercises

how to lose face fat

Although they are not very common, these movements allow to reduce the sagging of your face, the result will be a stylized and toned shape of your face.

Some facial exercises that you can practice are to puff up the cheeks and hold them in that state for about 10 seconds, you can also smile exaggeratedly over and over again to stretch the skin.

6. Masks

how to lose face fat

This procedure complements facial exercises, you can use yoghurt with oats and honey, with the resulting mixture, make circular massages on your skin that allow you to prevent sagging.

7. Less alcohol

how to lose face fat

Drinking alcoholic beverages cause inflammation in the face due to the calorie content and significant fluid retention, the recommendation is not to abuse its consumption. After reading these recommendations, you no longer have to wonder how to lose weight, just be constant in generating healthy habits and you will see the results you want to obtain.

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