10 exercises to have arms of steel and increase biceps. 

how to biceps at home

Increasing the biceps at home and making them stronger and more muscular is possible with the 10 exercises that we propose in our Men's blog. Achieving this goal takes time and effort, as well as discipline and willpower. It is not an easy goal, and yet it has the great advantage that we can work towards having arms of steel from home. And it is that we do not need sophisticated equipment for this, but to carry out a daily exercise routine like the following ten.

10 exercises to have arms of steel and increase biceps.
If you turn the practice of these exercises into a routine to increase biceps, you will see how you achieve it quickly. The exercises you should practice are these:

1. Push-ups. They are basic in any training routine. A priori they seem simple; it is enough to support the hands on the ground, positioned at the height of the shoulders, as well as the tips of the feet. Then we lift all the weight of our body over and over again, just by using force with our arms. However, we often make mistakes like bending the back or the waist. In the following video on the Youtube channel “DeportesUncomo”, a professional teaches us how to do push-ups.

2. Funds. We stand with our backs to a chair or bench, resting our palms on the edge of its surface. We put our feet on the ground, as far away as possible, and raise the trunk. With the back straight and flexing the elbows, we lift the weight of our body with our arms several times. This exercise also helps us to work the biceps.

3. Flexions in "V". They are similar to the traditional ones. They are done in the same way, with the difference that we shorten the distance between feet and hands by raising the butt. In this way, we strengthen biceps, triceps and shoulders.

4. Weight lifting. we sit in a chair and drop our arms, holding a weight or heavy object (books, water bottles, etc.) in each hand. Alternating both arms, we lift this weight gently, bending the elbow and forming a 90º angle. We repeat about ten times, doing three daily sessions.

5. Barbell bicep curl. To do this we will need a barbell and discs of different sizes. We stand up, with our back straight and the bar in our hands. We place the elbows shoulder-width apart and flex them, raising the weight several times using only the arms. It is a good exercise to increase the biceps. In this video, belonging to the "exercise" channel, we see how it is practised.

6. Diamond push-ups. Facedown, we put our hands on the ground very close together, touching each other. We use our knees, also together, as the second point of support. Then, using force with the arms, we raise and lower the torso several times, keeping it straight. An example is the one we see below.

7. Skullbreaker. We will need two weights or heavy objects. We lie on our back on a horizontal bench, with our back straight and the weights in our hands. We put the arms up, with the hands at the height of the head. Bending the elbows, we raise and lower our arms over and over again, until they are straight over us.

8. Bicep rope curl. We put a towel, belt or blanket on the floor, and we hold it by stepping on it with our foot right in the middle. We grab the two ends, each with a different hand, and pull up with all our strength. We maintain this position for about 15 seconds and relax the muscles. It is an excellent exercise to increase biceps quickly. We can see the version of this exercise performed with a pulley, in the following tutorial:

9. Dumbbell bicep curl. We sit on a chair or bench with our legs apart and our torso bent forward while holding a weight in each hand. We bend the elbow of one arm, keeping the other resting on the opposite knee to maintain balance. After several repetitions, we do the same with the other arm

10. Lateral push-ups. We lie on one side of our body, with our feet together and resting on the ground. We also support one arm, with the elbow bent. Without lifting the arm off the ground, we raise the trunk laterally upwards several times. This exercise helps us to strengthen the biceps and abdominal area, and is done as indicated in this tutorial:

Apart from doing a routine to increase biceps, preferably supervised by a professional trainer, we must follow some guidelines regarding our lifestyle habits. For example, it is essential to follow a proper diet, rich in foods that help us increase muscle mass, such as eggs, red meat, turkey, brown rice or walnuts. In addition, it is important to maintain good hydration.

Increase biceps at home and have arms of steel

What do you think of these 10 exercises to increase biceps at home and have arms of steel?