Exercises to do at home and keep fit health hub city Biceps

and keep fit health hub city

Staying home does not necessarily have to be synonymous with passivity. As a good proof of this, in-home


this article, we are going to teach you a few exercises to do at home so that you can stay in shape even if you cannot go outside.

Exercises at home

Being confined at home is no excuse for not staying in shape, the idea is that you establish a daily routine to do a series of exercises like the ones we propose below: Exercises to do at home and keep fit at biceps


A classic that can be done anywhere. Performing several series of squats, with about 10 or 12 repetitions, will help you to work your legs, buttocks and depending on how much you want to open your legs, also your lower back. It is important to do them correctly as they teach us in the video above on the Physiotherapy Online YouTube channel.


Abs is also another type of exercise that can be easily worked out at home. Spread out a rug or towel and lie on top of it.

Likewise, we can also work the obliques. To do this, just lie on your stomach and lean on your elbows and the tips of your feet, always keeping your back straight. Some exercises that, to perform them, it will be enough that you can lie down on the floor, although always remember to do them in the correct way to avoid injuries, as they teach us in the previous video of the Athletics Forum channel


With the push-ups, you can work both the biceps and the chest. With push-ups, we can choose to work the chest or arms more, depending on how to open our arms are.

If you have never done push-ups and want to practice them now, we recommend that you put your knees on the ground instead of the balls of your feet and do as many as possible. Over time, you will realize that you can overcome.

Like all the exercises it is important to perform them correctly, you can see how to do them well in the previous video of the Physiotherapy Online channel


To work the triceps at home, it will be enough to use a chair or small table to support us with our back to it. We will stretch our legs supporting the heels on the ground and we will raise the trunk up to ten times per series.

You can see them in detail in this other post of our blog:  Basic exercises for the triceps


Finally, you can also work your quadriceps easily at home. To do this, we will support our back against the wall and bend our knees to flex our legs to a degree of 90 degrees. It will be enough to hold this position for about 25 seconds for the quadriceps to start working.

Finally, if what you are interested in is taking advantage of this time at home to in addition to staying in shape, strengthen your arms, we recommend that you see this other post on our blog: How to gain muscle mass in the arms