Exercises for biceps at the gym and at home with weights

The biceps are one of the muscles that usually cause the greatest impact from an aesthetic point of view on the musculature (especially in men), and therefore it is one of the muscles that we can see the most working in a gym. However, surely many of you have heard that phrase "Monday is world chest-bicep day".

biceps at the gym

With the help of dumbbells and a bar, we present today nine exercises to bomb the biceps and do a very good job from different angles and working, in some cases, exercises that touch other muscle groups such as the barbell row with grip supine.

Aspect to consider when performing biceps exercises


Despite being exercises that generally require very simple mechanics, bicep exercises are not exempt from being able to cause small injuries. Therefore, there are some points that we must take into account:

Maintain the tension of the biceps: maintaining the tension of our biceps continuously will facilitate that we avoid advancing our shoulders and, therefore, activate this part of the muscles in an exercise that does not require the work of the shoulders. This is not to say that it is necessarily bad, but it makes us work less efficiently.

Pay attention to our wrists: when we carry a higher weight than we can handle, a point that can suffer a lot and therefore injure ourselves are our wrists. Why? Because when performing the flexion movement, either with a prone or supine grip, we will tend to hyperextend our wrists, which can end up leading to an affectation of the carpal tunnel syndrome (for this reason it was recommended in its day to stop performing " forearm curl ").

Take care of your back: as in almost all exercises, our back becomes a very vulnerable point if we do not have a correct execution technique. In this case, if we carry excessive weight, what we are going to cause is an attempt to compensate through a sway that brings with it an excessive arching of the lumbar area, which can end up causing a hernia.

The barbell bicep curl is one of the most classic exercises that we can see in a gym focused on working this muscle. Its mechanics are quite simple, and yet it is common to see certain errors in its execution: starting from the standing position, with a grip of the bar at the width of our shoulders, the movement to be performed is to flex our elbows with the intention to bring the bar as close to our chest as possible while keeping the elbows as close to our ribs as possible.

However, despite this simplicity, it is very common to see people making real contortion movements to lift the bar, almost always caused by excessive weight on it. The main problem with performing these back and forth movements is that there are two parts of our body that are going to suffer:

The shoulders: while rocking, we unconsciously tend to shrug our shoulders slightly, which implies an unnecessary activation of this muscle and, if we use too much weight, it could mean an increased risk of injury to the glenohumeral joint.

Lower back: that is, the lumbar. When performing the aforementioned swing to lift the bar, a small lumbar hyperextension tends to be performed (in some cases, if the weight is too large, this small hyperextension becomes excessive) and, when performed repeatedly, the risk of injury multiplies.

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