Easy home workouts for biceps

3 At home workouts for biceps if you don't have dumbbells or gym bars

If the coronavirus crisis has caught you at home without dumbbells or fitness equipment to train your biceps, don't worry, there are alternatives to continue exercising your muscles. Let's see what you think of these 3 exercises.

With gyms closed and without being able to go outside to train, exercising your muscles at home is a priority but, if you don't have dumbbells or bars, there are homemade options that can help you stay active and even work your biceps effectively. So do not be overwhelmed, think that soon you will return to the gym and try these exercises that we propose

3 exercises to train easy home workouts for biceps

1- how to easy home Bicep curl with 'bar'

It will sound very archaic and even seedy, but it works. You just have to grab a couple of plastic bags and the brush or mop stick. Place the bags on both sides of the sticks, and progressively add litre cartons of milk, thus calculating the weight you lift and gradually increasing it in each series, lowering the number of repetitions. Perform a classic barbell bicep curl and try to go high reps to pump hard and push your muscle to the limit. You will see how it burns! Also, by working with little stability in the weights, you will exercise your stabilizers. Of course, do it slowly and taking care of the technique to avoid injuries.

2- Variant of waiter curl

Since we do not have a dumbbell, you can use the same, a bag with milk cartons. Choose a suitable weight, hold the bag with both hands, elbows close to the body and raise the bag very very slowly until your hands touch your chin. Concentrate the muscle to the maximum and you will see how it costs you.

3- Dominated where you can or how you can

Since we cannot go outside, in my case I have chosen to look for a high corner in the portal where I can rest my hands, such as the stair rail or the upper part of the portal door. Do the series of pull-ups that you can and, when finished, clean well where you have supported your hands and wash them later. Another option,if you can At home workouts for biceps